SHOCKING British Heart Foundation Ad Attempts To Normalize Young Soccer Players Suddenly Collapsing To Heart Problems (WATCH)

The British Heart Foundation shared an advertisement where they promote future technology. The video doesn’t talk about C-19 vaccines and the virus, but they wanted to normalize the athletes collapsing on the playing surface.

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Those who follow us know that we constantly report on the sudden collapse of young athletes from heart-linked problems.

That isn’t something normal! People have to know people falling like flies on the field isn’t normal.

Until today, approximately 400 athletes have collapsed because of cardiac arrest since the C-19 vaccine rollout, but the MSM doesn’t want to cover this story! The experts normalize these cardiac arrests among athletes and young people!

They even normalized the heart attacks strokes among children. It coincides with a NY school where the teachers warned the parents of sudden cardiac arrests in children.

The British Heart Foundation wants to normalize these things! We can’t allow this!

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Watch this:

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