SHOCKING: 12-Year-Old Boy Died After Doing TikTok Challenge

The 12-year-old boy who adored guitars and cooking attempted to do a TikTok challenge which ended up tragically.

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If I had a teenage child in these times, I would be furious. I am nervous because we are using these social media platforms, but the kids… they are very harmful to them!

Also, social media are deleting conservatives, but they allow the presence of sick predators and dangerous challenges.

At this moment, we are facing all the side effects of social media platforms. There we can find predators and scammers, as well as dangerous challenges. Teenagers are only children. They aren’t aware of the side effects.

However, if you are a parent and you want to keep your child safe, the only solution is to keep them away from these platforms.

At this moment, one 12-year-old boy is brain dead because of this TikTok.

See the Blaze report.

”The boy was reportedly rushed to the hospital, but doctors have since told the family that he is brain-dead and will not recover. Now his parents are begging for more time.

“He’s a fighter. I can see him fighting. I’m praying for him every day,” Joshua’s father, Haileyesus Zeryihun, said, according to the news outlet. “It’s just heartbreaking to see him laying on the bed.”

“[They] told me the bad news that he’s not going to survive, he’s not going to make it,” the father added. “I was begging them on the floor, pleading to see if they can give me some time, not to give up on him. If I just give up on him, I feel like I’m just walking away from my son.””

Take a look at the video below.

According to the boy’s parents, he had previously used social media very much, and they thought their son benefited from them.

Because of TikTok, the boy started cooking, playing guitar, acting… but not everything is bright. Everything has its dark side…

This family learned the lesson in the worst possible way, and they are warning all parents worldwide to beware of what their children are doing.

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