SHOCKER: Confused Biden Gets Lost Reading His Own Notes

How many levels does America’s patience have?

Numerous offensive gaffes from the old Biden are on the list, and it’s still counting.

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When Biden paid a visit to the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA headquarters for his briefing, can you guess what he did? Well, yes, he got lost in his own notes!

This blunder came after Joe’s bizarre speech at the Coast Guard Commencement.

Biden delivered his first commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy, and the event took place in New London, Connecticut.

During his speech, Joe plagiarized a joke, thinking it would be amusing. However, it didn’t turn that way, instead to amuse the people, Biden humiliated himself.

“You’re a really boring class. Let’s face it, man. “Does the sun bother you?” Biden said.

Then, once he compared the U.S. Coast Guard to the U.S. Navy, he added: “I will think when you have the chance to clap when I say that about the Navy,”

“All kidding aside, being here together is a triumph in and of itself,” Biden reacted to the few people giving him the ‘’applause’’ he required.

You can take a look at the tweet below.

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