SHOCK REPORT! FBI Sends In Armored Vehicle With Turret, 2 Vans, 6 FBI Vehicles, 3 Local Police Vehicles To Arrest Young Father

The FBI arrested Joshua James

The young father who happens to be an Iraq War veteran survived a bomb blast on the battlefield and the FBI is now holding him without bail.

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Wonder why? They say he is connected to Capitol riots.

Joshua receives retirement pay from the US military. His kids are young, and one of them is only 3.

Joshua’s wife is a commission-based part-time realtor. In other words, she doesn’t earn much.

The FBI tricked Joshua out of his Alabama home. They pretended to be customers needing a pressure washing.

What happened next? An Army armored vehicle, 2 FBI vans, 6 FBI vehicles, 3 local police, and sheriff’s vehicles showed up from nowhere.

The lady had to sit outside for 8 hours with the toddler. The FBI was searching their home and even broke a light fixture.

Joshua is a war hero and a provider. He owns his own business and has nothing to do with the crime.

Yes, the war veteran attended Donald Trump’s January 6th speech at the Elipse. Over a million Americans did so. Why was this man arrested? Joshua volunteered to work security with other members of the Oath Keepers.

The Bureau will hold Joshua until trial. Wonder why? They claim he spoke to two other members of the Oath Keepers.

The FBI is now moving Joshua to Washington DC.

Audrey said they even set up a fundraising page.

Here’s the testimony:

Joshua, was arrested this week and is being charged in connection to the events of January 6th in D.C.

Bail WAS recommended by the probation office & we were told prosecution would not argue against bail. But, somehow at the last minute prosecution decided to argue against it. My husband was in D.C. that day providing security detail for speakers of the rally that morning. FBI said under oath they do not believe my husband was part of any violence and they have NO proof that he was involved in violence. The main topic of their testimony was the Oath Keepers logo on his hat, the organization who asked him to provide security to the speakers that day. They kept referencing two other individuals who had the same logos on their clothing that day and their aggressive behavior. The public defender asked “Was Mr. James seen with these people exhibiting aggressive behavior?” FBI Response “No he was not.” Public Defender “Well then let’s talk about Mr. James actions instead.”

They said they have cell phone data that places Joshua pinging off a tower that provides service in the area that includes the Capitol. (That doesn’t prove anything other than he was in the radius of that tower which is about a 6 mile range).

Here is the judges reasons for denying bail: While Joshua doesn’t have a criminal background and has strong ties to the community and is not believed to be a flight risk and may not have been violent that day, he continued to have communication with members of Oath Keeps after the 6th which “proves” he has no remorse for the events of that day. And due to the fact he has PTSD from being blown up in Iraq serving his country and doesn’t take medication for his ptsd and owns fire arms, they feel that’s a volatile combination and see no reasonable scenario for granting bail.

We said we would get rid of any weapons and even agree to a medical evaluation to prove he doesn’t need medication. Are those not reasonable scenarios? Especially for a combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient, small business owner who is the sole provider for his wife and 3 kids, who has strong ties to the community and isn’t thought to be a flight risk? He should be able to be home protecting his family while helping prepare for his legal battles. He is unable to work from jail and we have lost over half our income if he can’t work.

My husband has also used his personal time to repeatedly respond to and assist natural disasters rendering help to victims of tragedy, injury and the destructive forces of nature. Even in his own community.

They called our office line pretending to be a customer needing pressure washing to draw him from the house. They arrested him away from the house but then showed up at our home with SWAT and a tank rolled up to my front door. My 3-year-old and I were drawn outside so they could clear the house and raid it. We had to sit outside for almost 8 hours in the public eye while they tore our house apart and broke a light fixture. The only items they confiscated were oath keepers t-shirts, stickers and pamphlets and a can of some type of pepper spray.

hey did come back two days later with a warrant for a random cell phone. Since, we are getting harassing and threatening calls to the business line, email and Facebook.

With bail being denied they will transfer him to DC to await trial.

Who knows when that will be! We have no funds for an attorney of this magnitude and are trying to fundraise. We are hoping to gain enough support and get our story out there to raise funds to help get an attorney to help bring our veteran home on bail.

Their focus on oath keepers and other oath keepers actions (not mt husband’s) proves their agenda. I asked the public defender why they changed their mind and argued bail he replied “there is pressure coming down to detain them.” This is a political witch hunt. If you need me to send you the affidavit I can. I have also requested a copy of the transcript of the hearing.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit


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