She Went Through A Bizzare Glitch While Speaking With President Trump

What could be the reason for such a gaffe?

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Harris Faulkner, host of Fox News acted as a “rookie”, and did a mistake as if she was for the first time on TV.

Namely, while she was speaking with President Trump over the phone, right on live national TV, she commented that Biden’s DHS secretary, Alejandro Majorkas, has just resigned.

Yet, this was not true!

This happened immediately after President Trump started bashing Biden for the border crisis he let pass by…

A second later, Harris apologized, stating that “Forgive me, that has not happened.”

Take a look at the transcript:

HARRIS FAULKNER: Because it’s just happened now and I want to double-check this with our producers. The DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has resigned. Mr. President–

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I’m not surprised. Good– that’s a big victory for our country.

HARRIS FAULKNER: Hold on. Let me– let– let me stop. Let me stop. Let me listen to my team one more time. Forgive me. Forgive me. That has not happened. But– and I apologize–


HARRIS FAULKNER: Listening to the team and you.

DONALD TRUMP: Cross out that victory.

HARRIS FAULKNER: Right– well– and I want to tell everybody, you issued a statement last night and you called for that, though. And you’re just talking about him just to clarify is somebody who you feel is not competent to handle what’s going on. So let me clean up on aisle seven with my error. He has not resigned and let me move right to what you are calling for and others too. For him to move out of the way and possibly get somebody who can do the job. Your thoughts.

Yet, in the end, she turned it all against the Homeland Security Secretary in favor of President Trump.

So, well done!

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