SHAME: Pelosi Doesn’t Even Know What Country Russia is Invading!

What a disgrace!

Nancy Pelosi sure loves her shots!

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This woman can’t even think clearly.

Our Speaker of the House is lost in space. She has no clue about the situation in Russia and Ukraine.

Here’s a video from Wednesday. Pelosi is crazy.

Watch it on Rumble.

“If you look at the map and you see Hungary and you see how it is encircled…” Pelosi said before droning on. “Russia, Belarus, Crimea — which they have taken over by, you know, it’s still a danger now to Ukraine — and then you see Poland and Romania and all of those countries just abutting it, that’s Russian influence.”

“It’s not clear if Pelosi was having a flashback to the Cold War, but Hungary is not really under threat of Russian invasion so far as anyone else knows. But maybe Pelosi would like to share whatever knowledge she picked up while having cocktails with her Capitol Hill pals,” Kyle Becker stated.

It doesn’t get any worse than this…

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Source: The True Defender

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