SHAKEDOWN: Joe Biden Just Threatened All Americans

Don’t classify me as a drama queen! I can recognize a shakedown.

Biden put a gun to our heads, or a mask to our heads, it’s the same! We will have to live in this situation until they finish with their job.

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The Dems want every American to receive the jab, and I don’t know why they want that when they know the harmful side effects.

First, the authorities started with bribes. They offered free crappy Krispie Kreme donuts for vaccinated people. But, that didn’t work, so they offered a $1 million lottery for the people who took the shot.
And in the end, when that didn’t work, the stick was their last option.

Punishments and penalties for all those who don’t have the vaccination papers.

The vaccination papers or badges, also called COVID passports, will be available in an electronic version.

I was telling this all the time. So the day has come, and Biden literally threatened all Americans who don’t want to get the vaccine.

OMG, how can I answer this threat without offending you, Biden?

Joe Biden and the “company” don’t know who they are dealing with! We are a nation that fights, and that is what we will do now!

Biden is a terrorist, and we aren’t negotiating with those evil people.

What happened to #MyBodyMyChoice? Or, you forgot about that? It doesn’t apply to choosing if we want to breathe CO2 and bacteria!

I want to know, if the masks work, then why are the authorities so obsessed and force us to get the jab?

If the vaccine works, and all who want are vaccinated, then why do they care if I’m vaccinated or not?

The answer is that the vaccines don’t work, and they probably want to harm the population.

Biden and his administration are evil people!

What do you think? Will you get the vaccine?

You can answer the question in the national poll: NATIONAL POLL: Will You Get The COVID Vaccine?

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