Sen. Ron Johnson Exposes Democratic Plot To Steal Every Single Election

Senator Ron Johnson accused the Democrats of attempting to kill the Senate to promote the voting reform measures.

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“We have a 50-50 Senate,” he said on his WABC 770 AM radio show on Sunday. “And yet, Democrats — except for two — were willing to destroy the institution of the Senate to pass [the bills].”

He explained that Americans have no mandate for these bills; Sen. Johnson stated that the Democrats want this bogus voting reform to make the US a one-party state.

“Show me a person in the recent past who has wanted to vote but couldn’t,” he stated,

The two bills that the Dems wanted to pass, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, would have ended the fair rule.

The Freedom to Vote Act ends the necessity for the people to show ID photos to vote, allows felons to vote in all states, and same-day voter registration. John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act sought to undo court rulings that restrained the Voting Rights Act from 1965 by requiring certain states to be approved for the fed government prior to enacting their voter laws.

These bills stand for abuse and exploitation! With the poor justification that the republicans make it harder for the voters to vote in Republican-led districts, they all the Dems all the tools needed to steal every possible election!

Everything is about power!

When the losers lose, they want to change the game ruled! After the Dems shameful defeat, they wanted to change the filibuster rule to get around the Senate’s 60-vote requirement.

Check what Biden said:

Harris commented also:

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