Seismologists marked a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Alaska

An earthquake shakes Alaska’s floor with 5.3 magnitude! The epicenter was in Point MacKenzie, Alaska, on Saturday! Thousands of residents felt the earthquake. They were scared!

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The reason why precisely this earthquake scared the citizens is that the magnitude is very high. Besides, people who live there are used to earthquakes, but this magnitude is too high.

United States Geological Survey shared that according to their data, 2,794 people filled a ‘’felt report’’ resulting from the natural disaster!

No one knows if someone was hurt from the earthquake.

There is no threat of a tsunami!- the officials shared, but for sure, aftershocks around that zone may occur!
People who felt the shake were from :

  • Point MacKenzie,
  • Anchorage,
  • Eagle River,
  • Knik-Fairview, and
  • Whitehorse.

Japan experienced a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, and this one follows it!
Also, Japan didn’t face a tsunami resulting from the earthquake.

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