Second U.S. Case Of Monkey Pox Occurs In Maryland

One man has returned from Nigeria and has been hospitalized after being contracted with Monkey Pox.

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It is a rare contagious illness that starts with flu-like symptoms and swelling of lymph nodes, but then it worsens the situation causing widespread rashes over the individual’s body.

Monkey Pox is contagious, and the CDC tries to find the contacts of the patients.

The Hill reported:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed late Tuesday a case of monkeypox in a Maryland patient who returned from travel in Nigeria.

The CDC said it is coordinating with international health counterparts, the airline and state and local health officials in the D.C. area to inform passengers and others who could have come in contact with the infected individual.

With masks required on the flight due to COVID-19, however, the CDC said scientists think the risk that monkeypox virus spread through respiratory droplets on the plane is “low.”

Still, the federal agency said it’s “assessing potential risks” among close contacts of the patient both on the flight and after their arrival in the U.S.

USA Today also covered this story:

Monkeypox has three stages, according to the CDC.

The first stage is an incubation period where the virus takes hold right after the person is infected. It can range from five to 21 days, and the person is not contagious at this point.

The second stage is the prodrome phase, where the person shows early symptoms and could be contagious. These include fever, malaise, headache, sore throat and cough and swollen lymph nodes.

The third stage is a rash, when lesions develop on the mouth and body of the person. Until all the scabs have fallen off, the person will be contagious. The whole stage can last about three weeks. Experts believe human-to-human transmission of monkeypox occurs primarily through large respiratory droplets.

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