SCOTUS initiates attack on Donald Trump’s empire

The Supreme Court allows a subpoena of Donald Trump’s tax return to continue

The SCOTUS has just cleared the way of NY prosecutors to get eight years of Trump’s tax returns and financial records.

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NYC prosecutors have permission to get the former president’s “records as part of an ongoing investigation into possible tax, insurance, and bank fraud in Trump’s business empire,” Politico reported.

Trump filed an application for a stay on the lower court’s order. Manhattan District Attorney CY Vance Jr. is ensuing a criminal probe.

Justices didn’t provide any explanation for the denial. Court members didn’t note any dissent.

In August 2020, a federal judge rejected a bid by Trump’s attorneys to prevent NY prosecutors from getting his tax records for a grand jury investigation.

In October 2020, a federal appeals court worked through the arguments and rejected them. Trump’s attorneys made a case in front of the SCOTUS. The agreement with Vance put the subpoena process on hold and justices considered the former president’s request for a stay.

Joe Biden’s attorney general nominee, Merrick Garland, is having his Senate confirmation hearing at the same time. A coincidence? I don’t think so.

“The application is Trump v. Vance, No. 20A63 in the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Trump’s legal team is free to file a cert petition at any moment. A stay would have stopped the subpoena “during the time that the petition for review is pending.”

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Source: Breitbart

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