School Bus Driver Slaps 10-Year Old Girl In The Face For Not Wearing Mask Properly

I think we had enough!

The anger for the masks in the U.S. is enormous and lasts too long! People even become violent. Numerous videos have emerged where we can see folks in grocery stores opposing customers who don’t wear masks, and they even want to slap them in the face.

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According to me, the worst videos are those where teachers shout in the classroom at students because they don’t wear masks.

However, what we have mentioned previously, cannot be compared with the incident involving a bus driver and a 10-year-old girl.

One security clip from the bus station shows how a driver is scolding the girl for not wearing the mask properly. He tried to place the mask on the girl’s face properly.

After a short argument, the driver slammed the girl in the face!

A male bus driver slapped the 10-year-old girl because she wasn’t wearing the mask properly.

Obviously, the man deserves to end up behind bars to get back his mind.

Nevertheless, the incident shows how frustrated and scared the people are, so they become violent even with young kids!

Parents, be careful with the people who talk to your children!

KWTX covered this story.

A Colorado school bus driver is facing charges for slapping a child in the face.

WARNING: Video may be disturbing to viewers.

The incident started over an argument about face masks and was caught on camera. The bus driver was charged with misdemeanors, including harassment, assault, causing injury, and child abuse.

A 10-year-old student at Fremont Elementary School says her bus driver hit her because she took her mask down below her nose.

The video from about a month ago shows the bus driver pushes the mask up on the girl’s face. Then the two have a back and forth, and the bus driver apparently hits her in the face.

Records show the school district took immediate action by placing the bus driver on paid administrative leave. Following their investigation, they were working to terminate him.

According to the documents, the bus driver resigned before the district could fire him.

Documents stated the girl told her school that she gets sick from wearing masks, so she “put her mask down.”

You can take a look at the graphic and disturbing footage.

The police have found the driver, and he has been charged with harassment, child abuse causing injury, and third-degree assault.

Fox News has more on this narration.

A Colorado school bus driver has been fired for “[striking] a child over the child not wearing a mask on the bus,” the district tells Fox News.

The incident involving the Fremont County School District driver happened in mid-April, and he has been charged with harassment, assault causing injury, and child abuse, according to KKTV.

“Our school community is experiencing a very unfortunate situation. We have had a bus driver strike a child over the child not wearing a mask on the bus,” the district told Fox News in a statement. “We believe it is never okay to lay a hand on a child.”

“Local police were involved during the investigation as well as us being in contact with the child’s family,” the district added. “The driver’s action justified termination of employment, as it goes against District policy and our values. We are very saddened by this incident.”

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