SCANDAL: Far-Left DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Blames Victim Of Car Jacking And BRUTAL Murder By Teenage Girls

Muriel Bowser made a mistake

The far-left DC mayor blames the Uber Eats driver who was killed by two teenage girls. Mohammad Anward died! So, Bowser says he should have taken the proper precautions to “prevent the auto theft.”

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The girls, aged 13 and 15, were charged with felony murder. They killed the man in DC in broad daylight during an armed carjacking.

Instead of running away, one of the girls started looking for her phone. She walked past the dead body!

The 66-year-old was driving for Uber Eats while the teenagers attempted to steal his vehicle. They even tased the poor man.

So, someone kills a man in cold blood, and the mayor blames the victim. Bowser got it all wrong. People are calling for her resignation.

“Auto theft is a crime of opportunity. Follow these steps to reduce the risk of your vehicle becoming a target,” Bowser said Sunday morning.

Oh yes, she deleted the tweet.

People were shocked. Here are some of their reactions:

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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