Satanic Secrets Of International Cult EXPOSED! Ex-Freemason Revealed Everything!

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Masons have been making headlines since forever. The world doesn’t know a thing about them. But, we keep getting shocking details about these dark people.

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You may think that these people do good to the community. However, there’s something evil in their purpose.

Masons have planned it all. Things get really messy above Levels 32 and 33. That’s where Lucifer sits.

The following video features former Masons. They reached the highest level. Unfortunately, they are risking their lives to share this secret.

You can watch the video on Rumble.

Masons ignore the Bible. They worship everything evil.

Truth is, just a handful of all Masons are good people.

We are only telling the truth. Pay attention to these details. Pay attention to the secret society.

What about Lucifer-Satan-the Baphomet?

Watch the following video. It exposes the Baphomet and the link to the Masons.

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Source: The True Defender


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