SAGA CONTINUES: 25 Crew Members Of The Ever Given Still Trapped!

The soap opera from the Suez Canal named Ever Given is far from over!

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Four hundred meters long mega-ship stuck in the Suez Canal is impounded in Egypt with its 20,000 containers and its staff on board.

Now, one month has passed since the refloating, and people are still asking what’s going on. Until today, the reason why this boat got stuck and caused billion-dollar damage is unknown. Was it the strong wind or some human intervention?

One thing is for sure; it blocked the most helpful trading canal between Europe and Asia. There passes more than 15% of the world’s maritime traffic. As I previously mentioned, the damage was worth a billion dollars, but we don’t know the compensation value.

The Ever Given is detained in the Great Bitter Lake, together with the goods that should be transported and the crew. More than 25 members of its crew can’t go back to their homes.

As you’re reading this article, everything reminds you of a superficial novel, but, unfortunately, it’s real.

Negotiations between Suez Canal authorities and Evergreen Company aren’t crystalized. The reason why their communication isn’t excellent is that the causes of the incident are unknown. If the cause was known, it would help to determine responsibilities. However, the investigations are still open.

Strong winds were noticed on March 29. But, if the storm was so strong, how could it be possible only for that ship to lose control and not others?

According to Jamil Sayegh, a former captain and maritime law specialist in Suez Canal navigation, the human factor played a crucial role. Let’s assume that the ship went off course and crashed into a coast. But, how is that linked to the stern movement that turned the other end of the boat and stuck to the other shore?

Captain Sayegh defended the theory he shared by explaining that the boats pass through the Suez Canal in convoys. Also, neither one ship before Ever Given experienced such a problem. Also, the former captain said that the boats passing through the canal must use Egyptian Pilots’ help for navigation.

Precisely because of this, the theory about the storm is flimsy. At this point, a comprehension agreement is impossible to reach.

The Egyptian courts sent a claim to the ship’s owner, Shoei Kisen Kaisha, for some 900 million dollars in compensation for the caused damage.

“This sum was deemed “extraordinarily large and largely unjustified” by the insurer covering third-party liabilities, UK Club.”

A counteroffer was made, but it was declined.

The crucial question here is what is inside the containers?

It grasped our attention that the insurer, UK Club, declared that it’s the insurer of the Ever Given for all kinds of third-party liabilities, similar to claims for obstructions or infrastructure problems. However, he clarified that it’s not the ship’s insurer or the cargo.

Until today, only one company originating from Poland said that it’d take care of part of the 20,000 containers carrying cargo insured by them.

Numerous details have been circulating in recent weeks on alternative channels about the hidden story of the ship Ever Given and its containers.

Some resources say that the containers contained minors, and the ship was used for child trafficking.

Also, the Ever Given was bound for the Netherlands, the nation that became a major scandal when it was revealed one year ago that hostages were trafficked in sea containers.

Other reports claimed that it was a criminal net that kidnaps people and holds them hostage.

The Netherlands shipping containers that the police found were lined with soundproofing material and heat-insulating aluminum foil with handcuffs hanging from the ceiling and were attached to the floor. Every container had a camera mounted on the corner that gave a perfect view of the cell.

A “treatment room” was a special chamber containing a dental chair with straps and handcuffs. Furthermore, there were bangs holding pruning shears, saws, scalpels, handcuffs, finger cuffs, ski masks, black cotton bags to cover the hostages’ heads, etc.

The absolute truth is that as time passes by, the situation is getting worse, and all eyes are on the crew members. Everyone asks who they are, what they know?

According to BBC, the crew comes from India. And those 25 people can no longer be held hostage.

“The International Transport Workers’ Federation has already raised its voice against all these irregularities, warning that these 25 people who were on the ship “can no longer be held, hostage.”

Moreover, some reports shared rumors that Ever Given staff could stay trapped on the boat for years.

Really it looks like a horror scenario; only this is a reality!

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