Rush Limbaugh Sends Dire Warning After GOP Plans To Get Rid Of The “MAGA” Movement

Rush Limbaugh discussed Donald Trump’s departure from the Oval Office and the most recent acts from the GOP establishment

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Rush Limbaugh spent a huge portion of Friday’s program to discuss the current situation in the country.  We all know that Limbaugh has this incredible ability to see through the political chaff. He believes that the GOP establishment would gladly become the minority party if it puts an end to Trump’s MAGA efforts.

“The endgame is the destruction of the entire MAGA movement, even if it means the Republican Party is adrift in the wilderness for 30 years. ‘We’re gonna get rid of MAGA, it’s gonna have nothing to do with the Republican Party going forward.’ That’s the battle within the Republican Party. The Republican Party has its own establishment types.”

“They have members that are as pro-deep state as Democrats are,” Limbaugh responded to a caller who asked how could Liz Cheney support the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Limbaugh explained that the RINO establishment eliminated every bit of Reagan’s legacy after he left the office in 1988.

“The Republican Party immediately began to eliminate anything that Reagan had to do with anything in terms of policy,” he said. “George H. W. Bush ran for election claiming to be Reagan’s third term. And he got elected on that. But he started raising taxes. He did everything the opposite of what Reagan did, started making deals with the Democrats. And the reason was that the Republican establishment back then had no use for conservatives, no use for us, no use for conservatism.”

Trump’s time in the Oval Office is over. Joe Biden will do the same. He will be even worse.

“The hatred for Trump among Washington establishment types, be they Republican or Democrat, is so virulent, it is so powerful, it’s so all-consuming that it takes precedence over everything else,” he explained. “It’s a sign of Trump’s effectiveness. It’s an example of how good he was, how effective he was. They’re scared to death of him still after he has retreated and is now holding court at Mar-a-Lago, they’re still scared to death of him. That’s why they want to impeach him. That’s why they want to run around claiming he can never run for office again. Everything they’re doing to Trump is unconstitutional, but they don’t care. If they can pull it off, they’ll pull it off.”

Limbaugh reminded his listeners that 75 million Americans voted for Trump.

“That’s a political party right there, my man. That is a political party. And it’s got to be dealt with. If you are part of the Washington establishment, the 75 million that voted for MAGA, that voted for Trump, we can’t have that. So not only do you have to take out Trump, you have to destroy his agenda at the same time. You can’t let somebody else pick up the mantle.”

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