Rush Limbaugh Reveals The REAL Reason Democrats Are Still Afraid Of President Trump!

The host of the popular show spoke about the truth behind the fear from President Trump 

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These are times that will surely leave a mark in American and world history in general. While Democrats are living in fear, Rush revealed some pretty important facts that could not be left unspoken.

Even if DJT never becomes President again, his influence will be long felt on this ground.

He was the inspiration for a movement that involves 80 million Americans, and he can financially support it. Therefore, he ensured his presence, like..for good!

Nothing can buy the love and support of your own people, even if you try to cheat them all, publish as much fake news as you want, and big tech bolster your image all day long!

The popular show host said something that most of us have probably overlooked so far- they don’t want President Trump to have his own presidential library!

See for yourself:

Trending Politics quoted Limbaugh:

“They are lying about his role in the January 6th “uprising,” or whatever you want to call it, at the U.S. Capitol. And they know they are. And they’ve got in guardrails. There’s no reason for them not to. They don’t have a media that’s gonna call them out on it, so they’re literally free. All of this is about making sure that Donald Trump can never, ever again have any role in American public life.

  They are abjectly, they’re deathly afraid that Trump is going to triumphantly return to public life — and I’m not saying, “triumphantly return to the presidency.” But they’re not gonna be able to stop this. They’re not gonna be able to stop Trump from having a public life if he wants it, and when that happens — and they are waiting in abject fear for that. They don’t know how it’s gonna manifest.’’

He commented:

“They don’t know if it’s gonna be a press conference from Mar-a-Lago or a golf club. They don’t have the slightest idea. So they’re trying to ram through this impeachment business so that they can discredit anything he says anytime he says it, because they’re worried. You know what they’re worried about here? “Trump Wants a Library. He Must Never Have One.”

According to Fox News, Kennicott argued that the 45th president does not have the “focus, administrative savvy, and financial resources to execute a presidential center”, unlike former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

He went on to say that Trump might try, but this attempt can “cause further damage to the country.”

This is the reason why, he believes, “ Congress should use this moment to reconsider the legislation that helped create and shape the presidential libraries now administered by the National Archives.”

Rhetorically, Limbaugh asked:

 “Who are these people to decide if an ex-president deserves a library or not?If he can raise the money for it, then he can have the library.”

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