Root Causes Of Capitol Riot- Pelosi Keeps Providing “Hints” About January 6th…

Trump was right again- and this crooked old woman is knee-deep in on all of this mess…

Although we were told that Pelosi is a rough, shrews, and talented politician, she is far from it, and President Trump was completely right about her.

The main reason why she might have looked “shrewd” and a fighter to some is because she’s never actually had to fight anyone for anything.

The GOP allowed the Dems to do whatever they wanted, and any so-called “fights” that they lost were just dummy wins for Republicans so Dems would have something to campaign off of.

When Trump came to the scene, he gave Pelosi and the Dems an actual fight, so they quickly showed their true colors!

Therefore, they eventually came up with a “plan” to stop Trump, and their main “allies” were a pandemic and a fraud election.

And of course, there’s the January 6th melee – the event that Dems wanted us all to believe was worse than 9/11.

Yup, those MAGA grandparents who were wandering around the Capitol, chatting with police, were presented as worse than terrorists who slammed planes into buildings killing thousands of Americans.

Personally, I believe that those people were simply fed-up, angry, and frustrated, and came to DC on 1/6 to show the world how they felt.

Unfortunately, the Dems and Deep State used the opportunity to “set up” Trump and his supporters with a big “gaslighting” moment.

Plus, they also had FBI informants and members of left-wing groups up front, causing a massive ruckus, while virtually harmless Trump supporters were invited inside by police, and wandered around like tourists.

Yet, it is obvious that Pelosi likely has “blood” on her hands!

In fact, she even gives out “hints” that she was in on it herself!

New facts, and not government propaganda, keep the January 6th event on the surface again, and Pelosi immediately started to stoke the fires and spread absolute nonsense and complete and total propaganda.

Now, she claims that the “root causes” of the Capitol riot were “white supremacy, anti-Semitism, islamophobia.”

We all know that this is not the reality! Yet, she needs to twist the truth in order to get control of the narrative again!

Another wicked spin!

Watch below:

No, Nancy, you cannot fool us.

The “root” cause of everything we’re now facing in this country was your desperate attempts to eliminate President Trump.




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