Robin Bullock: Why They Are Desperate To Stop The “Last Trump”

I adore Robin Bullock! And if you follow him, he would be your favorite.

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There is no exception in Bullock messages. All of them are fantastic!

But, the one that we are going to share with you is extraordinary!

He presents the Revelation as a Genesis in REVERSE!

Bullock explains the reason why they want to stop the Second Trump, which is the term for ‘’The Last Trump.’’

The man even includes Obama in the Revelation, and I can guarantee that no one has ever heard about this link before.

It is breathtaking!

Finally, some GOOD NEWS!

Once you see this article and analyze the video below, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.

Please, enjoy!

If you want to watch more about this issue, open the video below.

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