Robin Bullock: I Heard Their Secret Conversations…”Let’s Use John Kerry” (VIDEO)

Robin Bullock spilled the truth

This is out of this world. Are you a fan of Robin Bullock? His eye-opening messages are here to give us hope and motivate us to look for the truth. His thoughtful messages are the best thing you will get these days. His latest message is so accurate that it gave us chills.

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In his recent video, Robin said the Lord helped him hear some “secret conversations” of the Deep State so he can share it with the world.

It revolves around John Kerry.

“Let’s use John Kerry for this, they said….he’s not good for much else!”

Shocker! We can’t find words to explain this. Robin touched our soul. His words open our eyes.

Enjoy this video and watch it on Rumble.

It’s also available on YouTube.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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