Robin Bullock Goes Live Saying The Red Sea Is About To Close In On Them

Robin Bullock has spoken again

A lot of Americans would pay big money to see Robin in person. The man knows his job and he is doing something amazing for this country. Well, one doesn’t get a chance to see him in person.

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If you get a chance to attend his speeches, make sure you take notes.

He said the following:

“The Red Sea is ready to close in on them…once they’ve gotten so far in that they can’t go forward or back, it’ll all come crashing down on them! It’s going to happen!”

That’s not all:

“The just inherit the wicked’s money, and the wicked are Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon.”

“You should save two coins out of all the money you’ve spent shedding innocent blood for abortions since that’ll be all you have left to hide your eyes when you’re done.”

There’s more:

“At the wall, the dogs will eat Jezebel. It is on its way! It all starts here….”

Watch the video:

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Source: The True Defender

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