Robert De Niro Exposed By Karma! The Elitist Can’t Hide This!

The elitist Robert De Niro has been exposed by karma, and he cannot hide it anymore!

Hollywood is the thrash of the world! If you doubt that, take a look at the celebrity star Robert de Niro. It is firm proof that my claim is correct.

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All of them present to us as righteous and respectable, ‘’salt on earth’’ persons, and they want to share their wealth among the common citizens and their knowledge.

However, if you explore a little bit, it is obvious that is not the truth at all.

One of the most corrupted celebrities is the uber-liberalist Robert De Niro.

The truth was brought to daylight, thanks to Karma. De Niro is a hypocrite, and now we can see what they do.

His worth is estimated at around $500 million, according to reports. Yet, Robert still looks for COVID relief money for his restaurants.

De Niro is the most luxurious restaurant owner at the most prestigious place, Nobu, London. He demanded relief money amid a pandemic outbreak. In a situation when the small American businesses and people from the middle class go under, Robert wants money.

De Niro, are you serious, are you that much greedy?

Check out the entire report from Breitbart:

“Despite being worth an estimated $500 million, actor Robert De Niro took coronavirus money from the government to pay for expenses at his various restaurants across the globe, including his London-based luxury restaurant Nobu.

The Daily Mail reported on De Niro’s expensive London eatery, Nobu, to which celebrities flock when they are in the U.K.’s capital city. According to the paper, the 77-year-old star took enough government relief money to cover 80 percent of the high-end restaurant’s operating costs. U.K. government officials revealed the award of coronavirus relief money to De Niro’s restaurant.

The government report notes: “The restaurant has been closed since March 21, 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.K., and reopened on May 6, 2020, to operate in providing a limited restaurant service that can be operated by the company under the recommended health and safety guidelines imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic such as food take away service.”

Nobu told the government that it expected “a significant decrease in profitability due to materially reduced revenues in 2020.”

John O’Connell, the CEO of the watchdog group Taxpayers’ Alliance, reminded readers that the relief money, while helpful to struggling companies, “ultimately comes from taxpayers, and support should only be sought if it’s really needed.”

In light of how much Nobu’s owner is worth, critics, like O’Connell, question why taxpayers should have to step in to pay his employees when it seems likely that De Niro could easily afford the costs out of pocket.”

Well, Robert, your true “honesty” has been revealed!

De Niro is just an ordinary American blinded by greediness that occupied his thoughts and soul! I am sure this clears the picture so we can all see what kind of person he really is …

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Source: American Conservatives 

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