Richard Grenell With Big News On The Hunter Biden Saga

There are so many events right in front of the midterms. The Hunter Biden laptop scandal is one of the most popular, and after that is the Hillary Clinton Deep State scandal.

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Republicans and conservative voters are optimistic and think they will fill the Congress in 2022 and are planning what will come under GOP House rule.

That’s not good for Hunter, but justice is coming in its way.

Richard Grenell, a former top spy chief, was on Twitter and lambasted NYT reporter Maggie Haberman for not showing interest in Hunter’s business contracts and the identity of the Big Guy.

“The GOP retakes control of Congress, Hunter Biden will be hauled before the House of Representatives and forced to reveal the identity of “the big guy” and address other unanswered questions about the contents of his infamous laptop,” The New York Post reported.

“It should concern every American that they did this for the Biden family’s financial gain, which came at the cost of our national security,” Stefanik said.

The latest threat from GOP leadership comes in the middle of the calls by Republicans nationwide for a broad new inquiry into the president’s son.

The Big Guy is a mysterious moniker found in the hard drive. He’s described as a partner in a Chinese business venture entitled to 10% of the profits.

“That’s one of the critical questions — perhaps the most critical question,” said Stefanik, stating that the Big Guy was Joe Biden.

Tony Bobulinski, another Hunter Biden’s business partner, stated that there is no question Biden was the big guy.

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