Reward Offered: $10,000 To The First Individual Who Can Successfully Address And Defend As Legitimate The 2020 Election Anomaly Referred To As The ‘Drop And Roll.’

‘’Drop and Roll’’ phenomenon from the 2020 election – how do you understand?

Until today no one can precisely explain the anomaly discovered from the 2020 election referred to as the Drop and roll.

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After the presidential election in November, data didn’t have any sense with inexplicable results. According to many people, these observations were called the Drop and Roll. The observations were summarized only in one video in multiple results, and you can watch it here.

However, we still don’t have any reasonable response for the Drop and roll. And, later we correct the Virginia numbers, but still without changing our assertion.

The Gateway Pundit was fact-checked on this issue, but, again, no one got an adequate explanation. Bear in mind that no always the fact-checkers are correct, based on their arguments. I guess they attack every article that gained more attention.

The fact-checkers response fell flat. No one could explain the drops in the states and took the pandemic as an excuse. Furthermore, many regarded this as an assumption and passed on the issue.

Nevertheless, some experts said that the probability of this occurrence equaled to zero.

Today, the Gateway Pundit shared that they give a $10,000 reward to the person who can explain the garbage returns for the 2020 presidential elections in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia referenced in the Drop and roll video shared above.

The participants are responsible for providing an explanation of which ballots apply to the recoded line entry for each state in the NY Times used last year to record the up-to-date results. With this suitable answer, people would obtain confirmation or denial of the 2020 presidential election accuracy.

Everyone can participate!

You can send your entry to the following mail of TGP:

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