RESOURCES: Fight Back Against Employers Who Force The C-19 Vax! [Downloadable Documents]

Many people are asking about the forms that they can show to their bosses if they ask for documents of the COVID-19 shot.

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I didn’t have any good information, but now I have!

Health and Freedom Defense Fund did an excellent job! Before we share the forms, can you tell me how asking for your vaccination status isn’t a massive HIPAA violation?

The frauds are here! I am furious! The rules are ok until they penalize you, but it doesn’t apply for the!
It is the same with the lawsuits! We can be sued for anything. Trump supporters across the world ended up in jail only because they were in D.C. on January 6.

However, can you sue a vaccine manufacturer if you receive some adverse side effects from their shot? NO!

These manufacturers have COMPLETE LEGAL IMMUNITY!

He’s the Notice to Employers.

Download it here.

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Here’s the Questionnaire Form for the Employer.

Download the Form here!

Also, you can find the complete list of resources here.

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