Report:Police Officer Dies Due To Intentionally Veering In Front Of Uncontrolled Driver To Save Others! He Had 7 Life-Saving Awards!

Tampa police officer died due to intentionally veered in front of a vehicle, driven without control.

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According to the witnesses, the officer, Master Patrol Officer Jesse Madsen, appeared in front of a motorist driving southbound down the northbound lanes on I-275. The incident happened on Tuesday, reports WFLA-TV.
The doctors pronounced Madsen’s death a couple of hours after the tragic event.

Do you want to know the details?

The investigation showed that Madsen, owner of 7 lifesaving awards, on purpose cut the vehicle’s path to save the rest of the motorists from possible danger.
Joshua Daniel Montague (25), Golden, Colorado, is the other vehicle’s driver; he lost his life, too. No one could possibly tell why Montague was driving at high speed and swerving through the lanes of the interstate’s northbound side.

Fox News reported that Brian Dugan, Tampa Police Chief, said that Madsen is the city’s guardian, and they won’t forget him.

Dugan said:
“We have reason to believe that he had veered into this oncoming car to protect others,”
“So when you look at someone who has earned seven lifesaving awards, it’s no surprise that he would take such swift action and do this.”

The conclusion of the investigation was based on the testimonies of the eyewitness. Madsen had a wife and three children whom he left behind. The children are at the age of 16, 12, and 10.

Fox News took statements from his family, who described him as a “strong and courageous” person, enjoying his work.

Julia Madsen is his stepmother, and she stated:
“I don’t really know what to say other than he was extremely loved and was a very outgoing, strong, courageous guy who wanted to be a police officer since he was eight years old. He was the last one you think would die first, he was just so strong.”

The entire family Madsen is very thankful for the thoughts and prayers stated the stepmother.

‘We’re talking about a cop’s cop and a hero’s hero.’

If you ask a couple of his colleagues, you would hear only the best words.

Danny Alvarez said: “He served in the Marine Corps. He served overseas. He’s a decorated combat veteran. He also served in the Florida National Guard. He served with three police units until he settled here at the Tampa Police Department,”

Alvarez couldn’t stop here, so he continued:
“When we talk about Jesse Madsen, we’re talking about a cop’s cop and a hero’s hero. He went out the way he lived his life, and last night he put himself in between a car and a civilian and he knew the sacrifice he was making, and he knew the risk, and he chose to do it anyway.”

The badge number of the dead officer Madsen was 507, and his name will be etched in the Tampa Police Fallen Officers Memorial!

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