Reporter Shocked At How Kamala Twisted The Knife In Joe’s Back With New Sly Comment

The shade war between Biden and Harris is alive and well. It seems that Kamala took a huge swipe at feeble Joe in the latest interview.

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She undermined Biden’s latest announcement about re-election. Biden’s team said he wants a second term, but he won’t. The team said that because of PR reasons. Kamala won’t go down that way!

Many people think that her last move is to bring Joe down and eliminate him from the 2024 race.

Clay Travis, a conservative Journalist, said, “Kamala Harris out here trying to knock Joe Biden out of the 2024 race. This is wild. I’ve never heard a VP say this.”

The Blaze reported that when asked whether she thought that Biden would re-run for election, Harris answered that she doesn’t think about that problem: “I’ll be very honest: I don’t think about it, nor have we talked about it,”

Biden (79) made history by becoming the oldest president in the USA. If he re-runs for another term, he would be 82 at the start of the term.

“I’m not going to talk about our conversations, but I will tell you this without any ambiguity: We do not talk about nor have we talked about re-election because we haven’t completed our first year, and we’re in the middle of a pandemic,” Harris said.

The White House press secretary Psaki said that Biden wants re-election.

There is a problem with his plans. The polling says that Dems don’t want Biden to run again.

Biden doesn’t want to run again, but his team wants to keep Kamala at Bay right now, and she knows that.

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