Reporter, Husband, Father Of An 11-Mo-Old Baby Who’s Stuck In Afghanistan, Begs For Prayers.

The reporter prays and begs for his and his son’s lives because they are stuck in Afghanistan because of Biden.

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Biden is the worst person who has stepped in the WH.

He has oatmeal for brains, and we can see that. He pulled out the US troops from Afghanistan, and that’s a shame and irresponsible. He can’t realize what he did, and said he stood behind his decision and it was the right one!

Also, he said it’s Trump and the Afghan Army’s fault!

We had to leave Afghanistan, but we shouldn’t have caused a humanitarian crisis in the process because we left people trapped in trouble!

His decision is disgusting, and this moment will be remembered as the worst decision of all!

People stuck in Afghanistan are begging for prayers!

A combat reporter Mustafa 47, is among them with his wife and 11-month old baby, and they are hopeless.

He asks for prayers for his daughter!

Maybe we can’t do more, but please, pray for his daughter, his wife, and him if you have the time!

Many people are trapped there in trouble, maybe they will die, or something else will happen. Let’s stay positive and think only of good things!

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