Report: Things Are SO BAD Between Biden And Harris, They Refuse To Do THIS One Thing Together…

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris never liked each other

The whole thing started when Harris tried to steal Biden’s spot in the White House. She talked to world leaders on the phone and even met some of them. We all know that Presidents usually do this.

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Things got really bad. Joe and Jill act like they can’t stand Harris.

Believe it or not, Biden and Harris refuse to have lunch together.

Washington Free Beacon reported that Biden said he and Harris would have lunch together once a week. Yes, eat and talk about policy and building out agendas. Well, we are still waiting for their third lunch this year.

Biden and Barack Obama had lunch together every week. It was “so important” and Biden “carried over the tradition to his own presidency”. Biden even promised to do the same with Harris.

Well, it didn’t happen. He and Harris ate together on February 8 and March 30. The first lunch happened when Biden was making a decision on a Supreme Court nominee. The second happened after Biden’s trip to Warsaw.

Yes, the White House claims these lunches are not “the ultimate barometer of cooperation” between Biden and Harris. However, report suggest that there’s a huge tension between these two.

In their forthcoming book This Will Not Pass, Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns wrote that Biden’s lunch with Harris “lacked a real depth of personal and political intimacy.” According to this book, Jill criticized Harris on the campaign trail.

She said, “There are millions of people in the United States. Why do we have to choose the one who attacked Joe?”

Why would Harris have lunch with a creepy old man like Biden?

Why would Biden have lunch with someone like her?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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