REPORT: Potential Ohio Trucker Blockade Developing, State Highway Patrol On Notice

Joe Biden’s COVID-19 mandates are outrageous

We can’t ignore the violation of medical freedom and bodily autonomy.

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Biden’s mandates violate the constitutional rights of millions of Americans.

Workers will no longer put up with this.

People are ready to fight for their rights!

Truck drivers organized a protest and yes, they definitely got the attention of Biden’s friends!

#PatriotShutDown discussed the trucker protest:

Ohio State Highway patrol is on high alert now.

FOX 19 Now reported:

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said troopers are aware of a possible disruption to the Monday morning commute after various social media posts from truckers threatened to protest on the road.

Various viral posts on social media suggested truckers could cause big issues on the roads Monday beginning at 7 a.m. The posts call for “slow rolls” or complete blockage over mask and vaccine mandates.

Sgt. Christina Hayes with OSHP said they are aware of the possible protest.

“The Patrol is aware and monitoring the situation closely to ensure roadways are safe to travel. For security reasons we cannot go into further detail at this time,” she said.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said their office is aware of the protest planned and said anyone that takes part will be charged with a felony.

“My office has learned there are plans to shut down the highways, nationwide, on Monday to protest vaccine mandates.

I want to be perfectly clear. Anyone who attempts to shut down the highways in Hamilton County will be removed from their vehicles, charged with felony Disrupting Public Services, and they will go to jail.

To those who claim to be supportive of law enforcement – law enforcement is not with you. This would pose a serious danger for our first responders and the community at large.

I have always been supportive of a citizen’s First Amendment right to protest. But, this is not lawful and it is reckless. It will not be tolerated.” adds:

There’s no sign Monday morning that truckers are staging protests of COVID-19 vaccination and mask mandates by causing disruptions on local highways.

Ohio officials are monitoring things after calls on social media for truck drivers to participate in a “Patriot Shutdown” on Monday.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is keeping an eye on the situation but saw no sign of a demonstration in the Cincinnati area or elsewhere in the state Monday morning.

“We continue to monitor the situation closely and there are no known issues at this time,” Lt. Nathan Dennis, a spokesman with the Ohio State Highway Patrol in Columbus, said.

Both the Cincinnati Police Department and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office are on alert, officials said Monday morning.

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