REPORT: Gaetz Paid Accused Sex Trafficker, Who Later Sent Same Amount Of Cash To Teen Girls

Matt Gaetz is in trouble?

In 2018, the Republican paid an accused sex trafficker who sent the same amount of money to teen girls as confirmed by a report by The Daily Beast.

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Gaetz decided to deliver two Venmo transactions of $900 to accused sex trafficker Joel Greenberg in May 2018. The first transaction was labeled “test” and the other “hit up ___,” with a nickname of the young woman.

Greenberg sent the money to “Tuition,” “School,” and “School.” Yes, these were the labels of the girls and the amount went as high as $900.

Gaetz’s public Venmo record disappeared during the investigation of the transactions.

Greenberg decided to make his Venmo transactions private.

The DOJ said that Gaetz is subjected to an investigation for having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old girl. He also violated sex trafficking laws. The Republican is investigated for giving money to women who were recruited online for sexual services.

Greenberg and Gaetz met with the women and paid them for the “service.”

One of the ladies said both men paid her to have sexual intercourse with them. The New York Times has the messages.

The Daily Beast confirmed another Venmo link between Gaetz, Greenberg, and another woman.

The outlet had records from Gaetz’s Venmo history with Greenberg and Greenberg’s credit card statements. Some areas of contact between these men and certain transactions overlapped.

Gaetz denied having sexual intercourse with an underage girl. Democrats and Republicans have been calling for his resignation, but he doesn’t even think of doing that.

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Source: The Hill

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