Report: Argument Over How to Divide a Stimulus Check Leaves One Child and Three Adults Dead

Philosophers have made efforts for thousands of years to understand the psychological underpinnings of greed.

Despite the fact that there is so much good in the world — and so many people who are trying to act kindly with understanding toward others — we are constantly reminded that people can also do truly despicable things.

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On Saturday, we have witnessed one such reminder. As CNN reports, a 25-year-old Indianapolis resident named Malik Halfacre, is alleged to have shot and killed four people (including a 7-year-old child), and severely injured his girlfriend before kidnapping their 6-month-old daughter and run away from the spot.

Fortunately, early the next day, the baby was safely dropped off at Halfacre’s sister’s house, unharmed. The sister told the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department her brother knocked on her door, dropped off the baby and its possessions and confessed killing four people.

According to CNN reports, the argument that triggered the shootings was caused by Halfacre desiring a part of the stimulus check from his girlfriend. Following the shootings, Halfacre told police he took money, his girlfriend’s purse and her car before dropping off the baby and finding a place to hide.

Halfacre now faces criminal charges for murder, attempted murder and robbery, according to court documents reviewed by the medium. People that commented on Twitter were quick to express their shock and disgust:


This incident would be tragic enough even if it was the first case of this type, but it is not the first time somebody has turned to murder in relation to stimulus check money. Unfortunately, this is not even the first time it occurred in Indianapolis.

Last April, the Kansas City Star reported that a United States Postal Service worker in Indianapolis was shot dead by 21-year-old resident Tony Cushingberry along her route, primarily over claims of a missing stimulus check — which seems to have been the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Paul Toms, the president of the local branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers, told WXIN-TV that this was one of many incidents that happened between the murderer and the victim.

“The [stimulus check] had been curtailed from what I was told very recently,” he said. “On April 12 or 13, the curtailment of mail letter was sent to them…

“[T]here was a history on this for quite a while, as I understand it,” Toms explained. “Dog letters had been sent. That’s a form to the patron when a dog is a nuisance or a danger or vicious. Three dog letters, one to warn them, a second one a second warning, and then a curtailment of mail. That’s what they had proceeded to there.”

All this death and harm over stimulus checks is nothing more but tragic and despicable. No money can be worth more from the value of a human life well-lived, and these criminals overcome by greed cruelly have taken and ruined so many lives.

Money is clearly important and necessary, but so much love for it can corrupt any person — and in the end, the wider society becomes contaminated, too.

We still have time to cleanse ourselves of this poison. Virtue stems from character, not material wealth.

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Source: ABC 7

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