Rep. Biggs Warns Of Swelling National Debt As Democrats Push $2T In COVID Relief

He warns that the Democrats’ COVID- 19 relief bill could devastate the economy, and urged people to join him in calling for more targeted spending

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Openly sharing his concern that it would cripple the economy for future generations, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) urged Americans to stand up with him for “good spending” legislation.

He warned that the Democrats are ignoring reality, while their COVID-19 relief bill could have devastating consequences on the country.

On Friday, he shared a video message on Twitter, arguing that the nation has a $30 trillion debt already, and adding that yet the left is laying the groundwork for a relief package whose real goal is to buy off the American people.

Biggs stated:

“This is a gimmick budget, this is a faux budget, this is a fake budget and this is a budget designed to let the committees come together and create a COVID package that will buy everybody off. That’s what this is about.”

Therefore, Biggs asked people to join him in calling for more targeted spending and reminded them that there’s still a lot of unspent money from past relief bills.

He stated that all sides have contributed to the issue, but pointed out that he wants to be part of the solution:

 “People say, well under Republicans when they had the majority they increased the deficit, the Democrats did too. It’s true, both parties have a spending problem. Under President Trump, we had more revenue than any time in the history of this country and we still did not keep up with our spending,” Biggs stated.

“I’m pleased to tell you that I and some of my colleagues advocate constantly to make spending more rational, more in line with what we bring in.”

Moreover, he noted that the House Freedom Caucus’ members have consistently voted against bloated budgets.

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Source: cbnc.com

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