Release The Transcripts: CNN Posts, Then Deletes Report On Botched Phone Call Between Biden And Ukraine President

CNN’s Jake Tapper shared a report about Biden and his phone call with Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelencsky about the Russia situation. Later, the Tapper deleted that.

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The call didn’t go well.

Red Voice Media reported the White House’s possible overreaction about Biden’s imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Zelensky doubts.

On the phone, Zelensky told Biden to calm down. Tapper reported this on his show.

The Post Millennial reported, “A tweet relating to the report by @TheLeadCNN, which was retweeted by CNN reporter Natasha Bertrand, was deleted, prompting the hashtag #ReleaseTheTranscript to trend on Twitter following the botched Biden-Zelensky call.”

Jack Posobiec stated, “We may have just caught a CNN reporter deleting a war report that exposed the truth about the White House and Ukraine And it now looks like the White House pressured them to pull it. The American people deserve the truth.”

“I am the President of Ukraine. I am based here. I think I know the details better,” Zelensky said after the call.

The MSM, mainly CNN, asked for transparency on Trump’s foreign phone calls, especially with Ukraine and


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