RED HOT IN ARIZONA: AZ GOP Chairwoman Says Yesterday’s Senate Testimony Means There’s “A Lot More To Come” With Audit (VIDEO)

The AZ audit changes things in a “fast and furious” style!

Thanks to some “bombshell” testimony at a recent state Senate hearing, where the secretary of state and other witnesses revealed a lot of important and concerning info, things in AZ start to change rapidly.

During the Senate hearing, many big “nukes” were unpacked, and the shared information is believed to be “game-changing.”

Take a look at some of the “bombshells”:


Moreover, Dr. Kelli Ward, the AZ GOP chairwoman, claims that all of this info means one thing: A lot more to come with the audit.

Watch the video below:

There is no doubt, we are going to witness the battle of the century!

Of course, the Dems and their Deep State cronies will give their very best to hide the truth, but things are about to get very crazy and nasty soon!

Many believe that some big “false flags” could be coming very soon!

Stay tuned!



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