RED ALERT: Vaccinated Are Twice As Likely To Die! UK Government Reported!

They lied!

Government around the world lied to us all. The MSM lied as well. Unselected advisors said that we were dealing with a pandemic of unvaccinated. Well, guess what… We are dealing with a pandemic of vaccinated!

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Their lies are finally exposed. Australians locked unvaccinated people and allow vaccinated citizens to spread the virus.

PHS has a weekly report on COVID-19 statistics related to vaccination, cases, hospitalization, and death. In July, reports suggested that the PHS manipulated numbers to fool us into believing that the most fatalities happened among unvaccinated individuals.

The world knows that PHS lied. They reverted to releasing the total number of coronavirus deaths over four weeks. They will no longer lie!

The UKHSA released the latest COVID vaccine surveillance report. Believe it or not, the most positive cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities happened among the vaccinated individuals.

Check out the tables below:

About 3.347 deaths were reported among vaccinated population and 675 deaths were marked among unvaccinated individuals.

There’s another table…

Alex Jones has a detailed analysis. Check out his video for a complete analysis!

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Source: The True Defender

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