Ratings For The 93rd Oscars Have Been Released, And It’s Worse Than They Ever Expected

They were asking for it

Politics is everywhere. Liberals are everywhere. Well, they shouldn’t be messing with us at all. The Oscars turned into a circus and liberals are paying the price for turning the whole thing into political chaos. Average Americans delivered a message and hopefully, Hollywood celebrities will get it. It’s time to “shut up and act.”

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Hollywood celebrities took the scene to deliver their speeches. But, they made the wrong choice of words. Travon Free was the worse. He criticized all the men and women in blue who will murder “3 people every day.”

Guess what… the 93rd Academy Awards are going down as the least-watched in history.

Here’s the story from Variety:

“Per Nielsen Live+Same Day preliminary national numbers, an average of 9.85 million viewers tuned in on Sunday evening to watch a more intimate and stripped-down version of the Oscars in the midst of a pandemic. That’s a 58.3%, 13.75 million viewer drop-off from last year. The Academy’s third host-less show in a row scored a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 in the fast national ratings, a 64.2% dip from 2020,”

“For comparison, last year’s ceremony garnered a 5.3 rating in the key demographic and 23.6 million viewers per the night’s time-zone adjusted fast national charts. The Oscars in 2019 delivered a 7.7 rating in adults 18-49 and 29.6 million viewers. While up 12% from 2018, that viewership figure represented the second-smallest audience ever for an Academy Awards telecast at the time. 2018 delivered the previous smallest viewership tally with 26.5 million viewers”

You get what you asked for, liberals.

People are fed up with liberals and their nonsense. This is our way of boycotting their events and shutting down their stupidity.

Liberals played the wrong tame this whole time and we will never forget the stupid things they did in the past. Millions of people suffered because of their stupid decisions. People were left hungry, homeless, and sick. They didn’t care. The Clintons, Barack Obama… They didn’t think twice before signing those terrible acts. They just moved on and snatched millions of dollars.

The Swamp is still here and Joe Biden is keeping it alive. Democrats put him in the White House to earn more money through his dementia. If Biden fails to give them money, Kamala Harris will sure do that. She is here to “fix” the damage. She is their insurance. Harris will make sure Biden makes the right move. Some say she is the actual president of the United States. That makes sense right? Harris has been talking to foreign leaders. She also meets with foreign diplomats. She attends every meeting. Wouldn’t miss a thing.

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