Randy Quaid Just Made The Best Observation About Biden And His “Trusted” Taliban Friends In Viral Tweet

Randy Quaid gave a perfect explanation about Biden and his Taliban friends.

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Biden is a liar and a fake president, and only after seven months since he’s in office, he created a disaster. If I could, I would press the button to start everything all over. When he arrived at the WH, he had a battalion of US military to protect them from the Trump supporters. Also, right before the Afghanistan event, Biden shared a list of the top terror threats, among which were: people who question Covid treatments and anyone who asks the sham 2020 election. Shortly said – Trump supporters.

Biden works closely with a terroristic group and lets them call the shots, but he treats the Americans like terrorists because they don’t give their fore for him.

Randy Quaid emphasized that in a tweet that went viral.

He’s very right. Biden and the Dems hate their fellow Americans and offer so much understanding and hope for

the real terrorists and killers.

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