Randy Quaid Has Hilarious Christmas Offer His Fans Simply Can’t Refuse, But There’s One Problem.

The actor Randy Quaid represents a delight on Twitter, and he’s the best Trump supporter and one America First warrior.

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However, he is an A-list actor who took part in some of the best Hollywood movies.

The best of his movies is ‘’Christmas vacation’’ where he is the bombing bumpkin ‘’Cousin Eddie.’’

The most famous scene is ‘’shitter is full’’!

Check this out:

There’s one photo that will make you smile. The homeowners love the movie ‘’Christmas Vacation,’’ and they recreated the best scene at the end of the driveway. It’s amazing!

You can see Cousin Eddie, with his beer, cigar, hose, and RV behind him. Also, they used a fantastic and unique décor.

Check this out:

Can you imagine having the real thing?

It’s the time when Randy’s new Christmas comes in, and if you love the movie too, we have to tell you that you’re going to love this! But, there’s one problem.

Randy said, “For 10 million dollars, I’ll stand on your front lawn myself in a white bathrobe with a big hose, smoking a cigar and drinking a beer. This is a special discounted limited one-time offer good till Christmas Day.”

It sounds great, but neither one of his fans can afford the cost, but maybe he can negotiate.

One Twitter user has thought of this: “Hey, Elon Musk, this would be a great gift for you to give to the world.”

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