Questions Swirl After Bizarre Change To Joe And Jill’s Christmas Plans

Joe Biden is crazy and so is his family

They have so much going on…

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According to latest reports, Biden and his wife changed their Christmas Eve plans… They didn’t go to church. Instead of going to church, the duo attended church in the East Room of the White House. Virtual service…

What’s wrong with these two?

Breitbart confirmed the news.

Why did these two skipped Church? Why did they choose to watch Holy Trinity Catholic Church’s Christmas Eve Mass “virtually”?

Here’s what people said:

“Joe has got covid”

“So are they still denying him communion? That would explain why his ass won’t go to mass.”

“Of course…..they don’t care about Jesus….Biden would have encouraged an unwed Mary to get an abortion.”

“He’s gotten a lot worse lately. Probably not fit to be out in public” 

“He’s a sad pathetic man who is very ill mentally and spiritually” 

“He’d spontaneously combust if set foot in a Church.”

“Something isn’t right. I think his Alzheimer’s is getting so much worse” 

“If you’re a real Catholic “virtual“ mass doesn’t count”

“White House credibility drops to a new low.”

“Right. Brandon fell asleep early after the egg nog.”

“Ha ha. Devout couch potatoes.”

This is wrong on so many levels…

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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