Puzzling New Questions Surround That “Camp David Situation Room” Photo Of Joe Biden

Camp David’s situation room photo raised even more questions.

Can you recall the Afghanistan nightmare in the beginning? Then, Biden shared the bizarre photo of him, at Camp David, sitting at the table in the situation room looking like an alien. He was utterly lost!

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This clumsy and inept administration made the worst possible PR move and worsened the already bad situation. People asked about the photo authenticity because the clocks were wrong.

Yahoo News reported on the image, emphasizing why were the cocks wrong in the room?

The situation room showed the wrong clocks for London and Moscow, setting off a flurry of online theories.
The WH shared the photo of Mr. Biden meeting virtually with the top national security advisers to talk about the deteriorating Afghanistan situation. The world clocks showed London at 15:19 and Moscow at 19:29, three hours behind.

The time difference between the cities is three hours because the UK put its clocks forward in March. Boris Epshteyn, the former Trump adviser in the campaign, was the first who noticed the wrong clocks.

“Real question. Why is Moscow time wrong in this photo? The time difference between London and Moscow is only 2 hours, it hasn’t been 3 hours since March,” Ephsteyn tweeted.

Twitter users immediately shared their conspiracy theories about whether the photo was editor and staged.
The WH stated that they forgot to switch the clocks!

But then something else happened. People wonder why Biden looks to have a pretty decent-albeit wispy head of hair, and a couple of weeks later, he had a head full of peach fuzz, and it is bald in the back.

Below you can see the images zoomed.

It’s bizarre.

In the Camp David pic, he doesn’t look like he has some thick, lush synthetic toupee. It is similar to the natural, cruddy thinning hair but has a lot more in the first image.

Maybe the stress caused Biden’s baldness.

Below you can read the online comments:

“I think they have a double they roll out whenever JB isn’t lucid. Seen pics of him with brown eyes and blue eyes, different hairlines, and different gait.”


“Where did the fuzz go?”

“No more fuzzy noggin”

If we propose a theory, we can say that Joe was sleeping when the Afghanistan situation happened and didn’t bother about anything. So the handlers shared one old photo of him at the table, edited it, added Kamala and CIA on the TVs. However, they forgot to change the time and shared it.

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