Putin Overthrow Coming Soon?

Ukrainian misinformation? Fake News?

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The Kyiv Independent took to Twitter to claim that Russian oligarchs plan to overthrow President Vladimir Putin so they can restore trade and economic ties with countries in the West.

Well, we’ve heard so many rumors and theories about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Most reports suggest that people have nothing but respect for Putin.

Some crowds are paid and orchestrated by outer forces.

We don’t have any info on the source The Kyiv Independent had to make such a bold claim. It may be biased. Who knows…

We are still waiting for an update.

Western Journal reported:

Amid state TV that talks about Nazis in Ukraine, many Russians are circumventing the official ban on connecting to social media that tell the rest of the world what is actually happening.

Mikhail Shevelev, a Moscow-based journalist, talked of “shock, hatred and depression,” of the “drastic” divide among Russian citizens who only know what Putin’s government tells them and those who are fully informed.

The Washington Post added more:

Putin is indeed afraid, but not of covid. He fears a coup.

The oligarchs aren’t the ones who would turn on Putin. There is something of a power-sharing agreement between Putin and his oligarchical team, but it is one-sided and mostly economic: Putin allows them to run large moneymaking entities in Russia and abroad, and in return, they help him launder his own funds or assist him for whatever else he deems them useful.

But the oligarchs have no direct access to hard power, such as police or other armed security forces in Russia.

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