PUSHBACK: Interest In Veterans Motorcycle Ride Skyrockets After Pentagon Denies Parking Permit

Donald Trump supports veterans

The former US President really cared for veterans during his presidency.

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Barack Obama had a different approach during his time in office. Veterans were dying without getting proper care. They were removed from schedules and a lot of people lost their loved ones because of Obama’s sick policies. Trump had enough of this. He made a big promise and actually kept it. US veterans lived well in the past four years.

A few months into his presidency, Trump signed a measure to reform the abysmal Veterans Affairs. This was one of the many veteran-related moves Trump made while in office. This was just the beginning.

Joe Biden and his administration play a different song. They are destroying every bit of Trump’s success. Biden doesn’t respect our service men and women. He doesn’t respect veterans who fight for our country.

Biden is nothing like Trump. Pentagon doesn’t want veterans any near the parking lot of the Defense Department. Each year, these people gather at the parking lot to kick off their motorcycle parade. Pentagon said no, and veterans fired back. They are veteran, you know, they won’t take a step back.

The Washington Examiner has more details:

Rolling to Remember, previously known as Rolling Thunder, planned its annual ride through the district and contacted the Pentagon a year ago to secure a permit to host thousands in its parking lot. After a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic, the group was looking forward to rekindling its three-decade-old tradition over Memorial Day weekend.

In years past, the deal between the two groups was seemingly no issue, but the government body ultimately denied the group a permit due to “substantial community spread of COVID in the county” and a “health threat level” in the building.

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“Unfortunately, the department has disapproved AMVETS permit request. The department took into careful consideration all aspects of AMVETS request, to include the current Health Protection Condition status on the Pentagon Reservation; substantial community transmission of COVID-19 in Arlington County, Virginia; number of Americans fully vaccinated across the nation; nature of this event with its decreased ability to maintain physical distance; and large crowds in one location for an extended period of time. This event draws national attention and participation; therefore the risk of exposure from participants from other communities extends well beyond the National Capital Region,” the Pentagon said in a statement April 30.

After denying the license, the Pentagon faced serious backlash. Guess what… There was even greater interest in the annual event. There were “between 50,000 and 100,000 potential attendees” for the May 30 event as confirmed by Joseph Chenelly, the AMVETS executive director.

“The uproar over the Pentagon denying the permit has really driven interest in the event, and we’re now anticipating 50,000 people,” Chenelly told the Washington Examiner. “Law enforcement does their own analysis on this, and they think we’re going to be 100,000.”

Chenelly credited the easing of the coronavirus pandemic with the increased support. However, veterans are pushing back on probably the most left-wing administration in US history.

It’s time to stand for our true values and all the things that make us real Americans.

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