Psaki Fights Reporter On Whether 2:30 a.m. Migrant Transports Are ‘Night’ Flights

Psaki’s spins would be impressive, but...

Peter Doocy from Fox News is his job ideally. He continues to embarrass the officials during the pandemic by asking them numerous tricky questions.

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Jen Psaki was roasted again by Doocy. Many reporters can’t dare to ask these questions.

He asked why the Biden administration in flying illegal allies across the country in the middle of the night when everyone sleeps.

Psaki spun into semantics and didn’t even mention the 45,000 kids the Biden administration lost.

She stated that the Biden administration’s steps are noble; who wouldn’t want the children to be brought back to their parents.

Some severe issues have to be discussed publicly, but The Biden administration hides them!

Watch the video here.


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