Prophecies Fulfilled About Andrew Cuomo

Prophetic words give us hope

Decent patriots enjoy watching prophetic videos. We could all use a ray of hope at this point, right? The situation is horrible and we really need someone to give us hope. Life is better when you have someone to put a smile on your face, right?

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Have you noticed that we tend to give you prophetic words on a daily basis? Do you wait to see if these prophecies come to pass? There’s nothing better than seeing the truth.

We have two videos from two of the prophets we support. These two had something to say about Andrew Cuomo and even predicted his fall.

Yes, some would say there’s nothing impressive about these videos, but trust me, they are the only thing you should watch these days.

These prophecies were given a year ago and yes, they are real.

Democrats were pretty quiet about Cuomo a year ago. No one said a thing about his horrible routine. Moreover, Cuomo was awarded with Emmy award for his great job during the coronavirus pandemic. Yeah, right.

That’s absolutely wrong because Cuomo is the last person to receive this award. But, hey, the man enjoys full support from the mainstream media.

They were pretty quiet when the first scandal broke. This was their way of protecting his reputation.

These prophets had a different story to tell. They predicted the truth.

Here’s what Robin Bullock said in 2020:

Charlie Shamp made similar comments. The prophet said this two years ago! Imagine that!

Need a bonus?

Watch this!

These prophets said a lot about Joe Biden and his administration. We guess those words will come to a pass too. The only thing we can do at this point is sit and wait. We have to see if these prophecies will come to a pass. Bullock opened our eyes. The man knows the truth. He was sent to tell us the truth.

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