Proof That COVID Is A Bioweapon – The Darpa Docs We Haven’t Seen

Project Veritas did it once again

Anthony Fraudci is not an expert and he should stay out of our sight.

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Marine Corps Major Joseph Murphy is well aware of the fact that COVID was “lab-engineered.” Murphy even said that vaccines were made to fail.

“DARPA’s letter bluntly says that EcoHealth Alliance was getting too close to prohibited gain-of-function research … good on DARPA for rejecting the proposal, but that wasn’t the only place they could have gone for funding,” Stew Peters said. “The other place they could go? None other than the National Institutes of Health, and the section of it managed by one Anthony Fauci.”

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston appeared on the Stew Peters Show to share her side of the story.

“Basically the document is funding for these bioweapons,” Karen Kingston told Stew Peters. “It’s very alarming what they were requesting funding for … under section 2, the technical approach, they clearly state, ‘we’ll sequence the spike protein reverse engineer them’ to conduct binding assays, and insert them into bat SARS-CoV proteins.”

“They go on to say that they’re going to reconstruct these chimeric viruses that cause SARS-like illnesses in humanized mice,” Kingston continued. “They’re creating a virus that won’t respond to a vaccine and won’t be neutralized by a monoclonal antibody.”

The mainstream media seems to ignore this.

The video is available on Rumble.

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