President Trump’s Comeback Begins!

Former US President Donald Trump is making a comeback, expanding his influence throughout the entire nation

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Donald Trump may be out of the Oval Office, but he is still playing. The former US President will make a comeback in every aspect of life, including politics and media.

We all know that Trump will not give up that easily. He is ready to join the US Senate, and yes, he will probably run for president again.

What about The Patriot Party? What about a dominant Trump Media Network? That would help Trump move across the nation and tell the truth. People need to hear what he has to say. Trump was leading the country for four years and he won’t go without any noise.

Democrats control the mainstream media. It’s no longer a secret. This dominance has helped them win elections. So, maybe it’s time for Trump and his supporters to build a strong media machinery.

“Trump is relentless,” Trending Politics reports. “He may be the most relentless human in world history. The secret to Trump’s success is ‘the art of the comeback.’ Every time he is given up for dead, he makes the biggest comeback yet. He never gives up or gives in. He finds a way to turn lemons into lemonade. You can’t beat someone like that. You can’t bet against someone like that. As I always say, NBAT: Never Bet Against Trump.

Before I get to the details of the comeback, let’s define ‘winning.’ Trump’s critics think he just lost and, therefore, he’s no longer a winner. Not true. Back in 2016, Trump won the biggest upset in political history. This time around, he added 11 million new votes. His 74 million votes were the most votes for any incumbent president in America’s history. Trump also received more votes than any Republican in history.

Sorry, Trump haters, but that’s called ‘winning’ at superhuman levels. Nonetheless, Trump lost and Joe Biden won. Democrats, RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), and the “fake news” media all believe Trump is finished. So, now it’s time for the greatest comeback in history — for Trump and America.”


Newsweek released a similar report. According to Peter Navarro, a former top White House adviser, Trump “will be elected in a landslide” in the 2024 elections.

“While some Republican Trump critics have suggested that the former president’s political ambitions are done, others have argued that he is the GOP’s future. Trump has reportedly considered running again in 2024, while he has said that he plans to campaign for Republican candidates in the 2022 midterm elections.”

Navarro was Trump’s adviser on trade and manufacturing. He made his prediction in his interview with Jeannine Pirro on Fox News. The former White House official criticized the sitting US President for the first controversial executive orders he made.

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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