PRESIDENT TRUMP: “They Are Going To Decertify This Election!”

TGP’s interview with Trump went viral.

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The only better thing than interviewing Trump is for him to share a piece of exclusive news while interviewing him. With the TGP video, precisely that happened.

He was connected with the events of recounts in the country, and he can’t get involved in something like that.

Trump is aware of it.

In the video, you won’t hear him speaking too much, but TGP regards this as a victory with the AZ audit results, especially when Trump said point-blank he believes they will decertify the election.

OMG! It’s going to be crazy and WILD.

Take a look at the Rumble clip:


And we have a longer version.

Take a look at this too.

Now, here you can watch the full interview! The Hoft brothers did an excellent job.

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Source: Rumble

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