President Trump: “The Election Was RIGGED…We Won! Much Info Coming Out Soon!”

We miss him a lot!

Donald Trump delivered another mind-blowing statement and we are super excited! The man is back. The best President of the United States is back!

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Trump delivered his hot statement and blasted those who hate him. Nancy Pelosi is hiding somewhere… The same goes for Kamala Harris.

The former President tried his best to stay out of the spotlight. Well, people want him back. Trump didn’t want to have anything to do with the audits in Arizona and other states. He didn’t say much about the situation in this country following Joe Biden’s inauguration. Yes, Trump didn’t want to push recounts or stuff. Truth finds its way out. ALWAYS.

The only thing he could do is sit and wait. That’s exactly what Trump did.

Things changed overnight. Trump follows the situation in this country. He knows that Democrats are FINISHED.

Here’s the statement:

And a copy in case Twitter deletes it:

Georgia now plans to remove over 100,000 “obsolete and outdated” names off their voter rolls. Doing this, they say, will ensure voting files are up to date, while at the same time ensuring voter integrity in future elections. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LAST ELECTION? WHY WASN’T THIS DONE PRIOR TO THE NOVEMBER 3RD PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, where they had us losing by a very small number of votes, many times less than the 101,789 figure? This means we (you!) won the Presidential Election in Georgia. But don’t fret, much other information will soon be revealed about Georgia—and other States as well. It is coming out FAST and FURIOUS. The 2020 Presidential Election was rigged!

Good job, Mr. President!

We’ve been waiting to read this for a really long time. It’s good to have him back and the time is just right.

Biden stole the elections. Auditors have confirmed this!

Biden is a traitor and he belongs to a nursing home.

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