President Trump Says There’s A “CABAL” Calling The Shots For Biden

Donald Trump won’t stop here

The former President exposed Joe Biden in his interview with Sean Hannity. This was the President’s first sit-down interview in the past few months. Trump used the opportunity to talk about several topics, including Biden’s presidency. Well, he didn’t really have to say a word. We know it all.

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Trump dropped a shocker at the very same moment he used the word “cabal.” Is Biden even aware of the situation inside the White House? Is Kamala Harris involved? She has already talked to foreign diplomats and also welcomed the Japanese Prime Minister. What’s going on?

“I don’t know if Joe knows what’s going on because I think you have a cabal,” Trump said. “You have a group of people sitting around the table just saying do this”.

Oh, our dear President spoke in the name of every decent person. The Cabal is calling the shots for Joe Biden. Old Joe just nods his head and says yes to these orders. Simple as that. This actually explains a lot.

You can go straight at the 50-second mark to get the point.

Who is the Cabal? There are so many people involved in Biden’s situation. We would start listing those guys, but let’s not waste your time. You can already make some guesses. Just follow the money and you will get straight to the top.

Trump called out the Cabal and said the 2022 primaries have to go under the MAGA agenda.

Fox News has the full story:

In an exclusive, hour-long interview with Fox News, former President Donald J. Trump will tell “Hannity” that the future of the Republican Party hinges on whether it can coalesce behind the “Make America Great” platform that brought new voters into the “big tent” in both 2016 and 2020.

Trump told host Sean Hannity that there are aspects of the 2020 presidential election that show marked improvement for the GOP, outside of their typical precincts.

As the GOP continues further into being a working-class political party, Trump pointed to what he called a surprising detail in Texas, which on a macro level is already a red state.

Trump tells Hannity GOP can ‘win big’ by embracing MAGA agendaVideo
Hannity asked Trump if the best path to victory is indeed through candidates running on the conservative platform he touted in 2016 that differentiated him from more establishment Republicans like ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or ex-Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

“Should this now be the Republican Party agenda? Should anybody that wants to run for the House or the Senate — should they take this “Make America Great” agenda and fight for those things that you fought for the four years you were president?” the host asked.

“If they want to win, yes,” the now-Florida resident responded.

Here’s more of the interview.

What are your thoughts on this? Trump gave us a ray of hope. Maybe things will get better in the next few months. Prophets predicted big things for the final week of April.

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